What the Old Man Did 20

July 13, 2012

I sat there in the aging office chair for maybe 20 minutes. All was quiet. Until I heard something. A noise coming from downstairs, our former hideaway. Time had taught me caution. I went quietly to the basement door and peered down the stairs. Something was moving down there. I shut the door and ran up the stairs. I found Toni and Sarah with a book on the top floor.

“Get up. We have to leave. Now.” They stared at me. Then Toni stood up and held out her hand to Sarah. There was something odd about they way they walked to the closet and Toni took and gun and backpack and moved to the stairs. She waited for me. That was truly remarkable. I took point for a change. We hit the ground floor to the tune of banging on the basement door. It wasn’t locked. We hadn’t really worked on that problem since we moved upstairs. Scanning the room and the outside, there were three of the things wandering outside. I wondered if they smelled the death of one of their own?

“We’ll head north. You eliminate the threat.” She spoke matter-of-factly. Like it was the obvious choice. They moved straight off in short fast lock-step. I turned to the first one who was just rounding the corner. The second was now west of the building and I had to descend a slope. Instead of doing that, I turned to the third one. I could no longer see it. I instantly ran after the two humans. I could see them cresting a low hill at a run. And behind them, was number 3. Running. Or at least jogging. Two times in one day was two too many. I sprinted after them, looping to the right for higher ground and a clear field of fire. As I gained on it, it seemed somehow to sense me. It turned from its pursuit and aimed for me. There was no blank look in the eyes. There was what I can only describe a fury on its face. At twenty paces I started shooting. At the same moment I heard footsteps behind me. Dropping to one knee I spun as another thing bore down on me. Firing blindly I hit the ground with my left shoulder and held the trigger down. It seemed like forever before the bullet spray finally reached the head. On my way down I saw something that made me get up and start running again. Five more were converging on me. This wasn’t a random sensory accident. It was almost like a hunting party.

As they things faded back, I could see Toni running with Sarah in her arms. I didn’t spot any immediate pursuers. What was this? Things that could run, move fast.

After a minute of this I was completely winded. I had to stop.


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